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So, it is January 5th – is this, then 12th Night?

Do I take my decorations down? Would I have a BAD year if I didn’t?

(Everything points to that anyway: job going down the pan, further decrease of the job’s market. – I don’t need to go on).

So I asked someone in management ; I was just discussing that too, she said. Apparently Jan 5 is the time for Protestants, and 6th for Catholics.

All depends upon when the 3 Wise Men arrived at the Nativity.

Of course that was closely followed by the Massacre of the Innocents. Something the Wise Men said to Herod. Not so Wise then, eh?

Those Brueghel paintings really made their impact on me in this connection.

So, their arrival also gives the date for the Russian Orthodox Xmas: as they were bearing gifts (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh), so the giving of presents was a part of the festival.

I was the one who brought the Myrrh at school. I made a point of finding out just what that was in later years. I was making my own little collection: I had the F, then the M… the bling? Doesn’t sort of stay long enough to be counted!

Russian Orthodox Church – does that mean the Slavic Church in general? And thereby the Balkan Churches (the first European churches to have Mass and Bible translations in their spoken demotic languages). There is something about the history of Bulgaria that promises a lot of interesting insights here.

Something for the coming ‘empty time’.

And before the Church? This was period of the Latin Saturnalia: orgiastic, and uproarious.

The Church of the late medieval period celebrated Carnival(e): Rabelaisian – and the time of the Lord of Misrule.

The world turned upside down.

Fun, basically: fun before the lean days of Lent.


Another Brueghel painting: The War(?) Between Carnival and Lent.


We remember this period in the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. Dare we suggest that our carol must therefore a cleaned up version?


So, do I take them down tonight – or tomorrow night?

Nah, I’ll do it in the morning.