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I heard a radio playing in Westminster

a blowy dappled day in March


‘Radio, radio, will you tell me the weather,

I must know if I am to marry tomorrow?’


–          I will tell you who plotted, who hid, who died;

I will not tell you the weather, it said.

–          I will tell you a tale to make your toes curl,

and another to make you despair, it said,

but not the weather.


‘Radio, radio, your music’s the music of my life;

your rock n roll, Motown, the life I know.’ I said


–    You’re the kind of man we like on our station:

dependable, a follower. Yes, you’ll get a mention

on the late night news amongst the dead.

But I will not tell you if you are to wed.


‘Radio, radio, I’ll turn on the telly, I will!’

I said, ‘I’ve wide screen, cable, satellite dish;

I’ve four directional speakers,

with woofers to make you spin on a finger!’ I said


‘I’ll not ask you again, now tell me the weather!’


And just as the weather was being read

three rendition flights flew overhead, I said,

‘If that’s the tone of the wedding, I’ll think again.’

–     You’ll go ahead. the radio said.