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I have taken down a whole section of blogs.


The whole section on ring-structured texts.


Well, I’ve written them all up and expanded and analysed and just generally played around some more. Now I’m looking for a publisher. I think they’re kinda Cultural History – I’m a big fan of les histoires des mentalities and was hoping to fit in there.

Ah, but to do that you have be, you know, ‘affiliated’. And your blog is called Outside the Academy. So, you’re not, like, affiliated, yeh?

Drat and drumgoes! I knew I’d forgotten something.

So whatya gonna do now?

Well, still look for a publisher – more kind of popular but intelligent. Not academic, not intellectual, but….

Yeh, but this topic is not, like, General Reading, or General Interest, it’s more… skewed, off on aside road.

Alright, alright! But it does have ramifications for the general reader. And that is exactly the point.

Does this book have a name?

GIFTS OF RINGS AND GOLD. It’s all in the position of the g’s; like in a ring structure. Geddit?