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Posted: December 28, 2013 in Chat
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My father’s ghost each night I saw

reflected on the tv screen, passing back

of actors with a meaningful look,

like a soap star.


‘It was Society, your uncle,

killed me.’ he said. ‘It was not!’, I said.

‘Would you make presumptions on my age,

even in death?’ he said.

It’s true, I did.


‘If it was that black sheep of the family

cousin Economics,

I’d expect it, or grandfather Politics,

well, without question. But Society…

he’s too scatty. He never could tell

one day from another.’ ‘Precisely!

My ordered life, plotted against!

I worked hard for that little state

of order and calm.’


‘We disinherited the Medical Profession

on your behalf!’ I said, ‘The doctor

was negligent.’ ‘You were wrong.’ he said,

‘Society killed me!’


What a family,

I thought, I would not trust one

with a teaspoon never mind

the keys of the kingdom!

And then when Conventional Romance

looked my way, well, it was

Wayward Romance, her sister

that I was after. ‘You must do your duty!’

my father said, and then he died.

So I did.