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In France, Ireland, Chile, Cyprus, Spain and Germany, dance lovers of all ages – professionals and amateurs – have responded to the call and danced their own individual NELKEN-Line. And many more will be able to join, because the project continues

The ‘Season’s March‘ also known as the Nelken Line:

And really quite joyous.

There is an argument that says at times like this we must face up to our fears, explore them. I suppose it’s a kind of the Ancient Greek idea of catharsis. But catharsis has never been acceptably defined.

That is all well and good, it fits in with Middle eastern religious thinking very well: a successful graft, to use a term from gardening (not a practice promulgated in Eden, I dare say. For there our reasoning raises all the dark corners and tangled thorns of ‘the natural’ as a basis for behaviour. Farming; I wonder what celebrations hunter-gatherers had? Successful hunt? Returning safe from the hunt? Finding new spreads of berries, fruits…?)
Catharsis though, also now has the relish of the flagellist about it.

And celebration seems to get forgotten along the way. For celebration is where those dark roads are to lead to.

The Season’s March celebrates what we have left of a basic pattern of life, that is outside of our fears and horrors. It is above droughts and bush-fires, of back-breaking farm work, ploughing, fruit and veg harvesting: celebration is a time out of time.
It is also an activity.

The Season’s March is a leisurely celebration of life.

The term Nelken Line alludes to the particular performance by Pina Bausch’s Tantztheater of Wuppertall, in which The March first occurred.


Keep yourselves safe; breathe deep and properly deep.