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Make It New

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Chat
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What thin glitter shop windows wash us with;

the High Street is grimed with us, the prink

of a kicked drinks tin guttering to a grid.

You sensed a rhythm in this, a hymn of sounds

and noise. I only saw what appalled.

We both found it here, the iteration of us

in a sixties Lambretta, and the op-art graffiti

of the situationist. Everything on offer;

the High Street, a front for the redundant idea,

looks at us like old friends returning.


And the flowers flaking from the lamp post, peeling

apart, mark where they died… the ghost bike:

never forget…

Make it new, the imperative

and peeling apart like the pain of bereaved families,

community. The pain made new by once forgetting.

People died here again. Bend your head beneath it,

know you are only one, that this is too much,

that you need us all. And never forget, know

to hurt is to live.