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Posted: November 4, 2018 in Chat

Public Illumination Magazine first appeared on New York streets in 1979. It is a 7x11cm print magazine, retailing for 50¢, and whose contributors all use pseudonyms.
The editor is Prof. Dr Dr Zagreus Bowery.
It is rumoured some Big Names have contributed over time, all under false names, of course.

Time has taken its cut on distribution, and the magazine now also has an online presence and contact details, although postal and print mediums are preferred:

There is no fixed publication time, or sequence for the magazine. There is a call-out for themed material, both text and graphics, on the back of each issue.
Content tends to be satirical, funny, pungent, impactful – page size and restricted number of pages add a strict and enabling discipline to the nature of the content .

Interested people watch the online site for publication. There may be months, a year, until the next.

PIM is unique.

Look out for the current issue: Monsters.