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It started off, we were told/ it was suggested we Do Not use mobile phones in hospitals – because they can affect the sensitive equipment in use there.

Sounds so reasonable – frequencies, wavelengths; constant monitoring equipment etc etc.

Then everywhere – I am talking here about the acme of informed representation, in films and on tv – we see phones in use on hospitals again. I think I even remember one of the fictional representatives of the medical profession assuring the user that it perfectly ok to use them.

It was just an ill-informed scare story – you know, the sort the liberal/libertarian wusses flap about along with their PC rubbish.

And then, well, my wife was hospital visiting and having time on her hands: hospitals – all waiting, little of the seeing-to – got chatting to a nurse.

And the latest directive from medical counsels is that


they Can interfere with ECG, EEG, even Pace-Makers.

I have not seen any reports of any problems – but then, I do not read Medical journals; nor do I read a wide swatch of newspapers. How would I know?

Maybe it is even thought  ‘convenient’, by interested parties, to play it down.

If so it cannot be long before we start to read/read reports in this field.

As for me I think I’d choose to err on the side of caution.