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Tea Pots

Posted: August 25, 2019 in Chat
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Tea Pots

One of my favourite blog sites has to be Roaringwaterjournal.
From West Cork in Ireland they never fail to come up with weekly delights, adventures, and discoveries.

One recent discovery that really caught me was this teapot, created and made by artist David Seegar:

David Seegar

Isn’t that great? It’s modernist, cubist almost, and as they say Bauhaus – as well as being, I am reliably informed, useful.
This teapot ties in with my earlier discover, and joy taken, in another, much earlier one.

One browsing book around the house is  The Dream Factory: Alessi Since 1921, by Alberto Alesso. Published by Konneman, 1998.
The book celebrates the Italian Alessi design company. One precursor to the designers of 1921 and later, was one Christopher Dresser. He was an English botanist for many years before turning to design. So, would you expect floral designs? Not a bit. He plunged into mass production techniques, and industrial scale production. A lot of his designs in the book are metal-based, but wonderful.
This is what caught my eye:

How cool is that?

You can get the novelty ones but… no.

If you are intrigued, thrilled even, by these, then here’s some links to do your own exploring.

Bon voyage!