About me me about

This is my new blog.

I have left everything open in these pieces/blogs: people can disagree (I’d be worried if they didn’t!) but it’s all about possibilities, opening up to different things, to what is out there, to different ways of doing things.

And so, the blog is also for exploring other areas, things, ‘stuff’.

This can, of course, invite you to get your head blown off, because what is out there ain’t always so nice – so we gotta be careful as we go: as they used to say on The Hillstreet Blues, “Be careful out there!”

‘…taking on our almost sacrosanct respect for language use, and displaying its unreliability, its imprecision, its less than worthy credentials for acting as our instrument for understanding, and survival.’  I’m quoting a John Stammers piece I wrote here, and feel a little uneasy quoting myself, but it does seem to catch where I am in this Blog.

So, Name: is not Michael9Murray but just plain old Michael Murray.

Who am I? How old am I? What am I?
That’s for me to know… and then only patchily.

Location: UK (north)

Currently Watching: Lars von Trier’s KINGDOM/RIGET 1 and 2
Rilke: The Complete French Poems
Wim Wenders PINA

Reading: Louis Paul Boon SUMMER IN TERMUREN

Listening to:

Misc: WIRED magazine; New Scientist Magazine; Stand Poetry Magazine; POETRY BOOK SOCIETY (UK);

  1. Debra McCarthy says:

    Hi Michael
    Its Debra or Miriam or Barbara from work here
    My reading suggestions to you are Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess and David Copperfield (you know you want to)
    If you like films try City of God and Pans Labyrinth- assuming you havent already…………..

    • Helloooooooooooo Barabiam.. Debriam… Mirira……

      Not seem to have heard from you… lately. Why’s that then – especially after everything we said!

      I am still waiting for a reply, young lady!
      What TIME do you call this?! (Did you ever get that?)

      Any noos?

      I’m trying to keep these pesky Job Centre johnnies off my back: time-wasters, pains-in-the-neck, back, everywhere.



  2. Hi Miriam, I’ll write to Barbara later; as for Debra: she has a cheek!

    Oh no, it’s not just slim, light stuff you’re recommending is it, oh no, not you: but whoppers! Doorstoppers!

    Ok, I’ll call both your doorstoppers with just one of mine: Celestial Harmonies – now that IS a doorstopper! Ha!

    Yes, i must watch Pan’s L again – for that area of Spain AND the otherwordly images. Yes, I’ll go for that.
    City of God – I’ve just looked up on Google: there seem to be 2: one set S America, one in Malaya.
    Any elucidation?

  3. Tyran Grillo says:

    Lovely to come across your blog, Michael. Thanks for liking my Tarkovsky Quartet review. Couldn’t help noticing in this profile that you saw Lars von Trier’s “Riget.” One of my most beloved films. Particularly enjoyed your review of “The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets” so far. As you say, close reading of that caliber is indeed growing rare.

  4. Candia says:

    Thanks for all my recent ‘likes’!

  5. vinnieh says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Hi Michael,
    Happy New year to you and Lavinia.
    I just wanted to acknowledge your regularly taking a look at my doggerelbanksy site. I’ll try not to overload you with alerts. See you Thursday at Macc Creative Writing Group all being well. Cheers, Phil

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