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Selif Keita

Posted: September 29, 2022 in Chat
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Those joyous Malian-beats. That voice.

When I see that lark rising

Posted: September 21, 2022 in John Stammers Page

on thermals, so effortlessly
I forget all I ever doubted
and remember all I’d hoped
of life and our future – of seeing
your face again while I still can
between this day and that night
that takes off shoes, coat,
and makes out it wants to stay.

And if thermals can do this,
and thin bones, stringy muscles,
dull brown wings, and a sky
in a lull between holiday flights,
then why is it so hard to achieve
in the slow fall of the year when heat
is unbearable, and time spare
so taken up with it, I wonder?

And receive no answer.
But become young again.
And just for the duration of that song
it seems I can lift the weight off
by piling hope high,
a sustained height.

The bird cannot surpass itself, 
only the song in the air 
can be carried further

Martin Best, The Dawn of Romance, HMV, 1978

Bernard de Ventadourn

Now when I see the skylark lift
His wings for joy in dawn’s first ray
Then let himself, oblivious, drift
For all his heart is glad and gay,
Ay! such great envies seize my thought
To see the rapture that others find,
I marvel that desire does not
Consume away this heart of mine.

Alas, I thought I’d grown so wise;
In love I had so much to learn:
I can’t control this heart that flies
To her who pays love no return.
Ay! now she steals, through love’s sweet theft,
My heart, my self, my world entire;
She steals herself and I am left
Only this longing and desire.

Losing control, I’ve lost all right
To rule my life; my life’s her prize
Since first she showed me true delight
In those bright mirrors, her two eyes.
Ay! once I’d caught myself inside
Her glances, I’ve been drowned in sighs,
Dying as fair Narcissus died
In streams that mirror captive skies.

Deep in despair, I’ll place no trust
In women though I did before;
I’ve been their champion so it’s just
That I renounce them evermore;
When none will lift me from my fall
When she has cast me down in shame,
Now I distrust them, one and all,
I’ve learned too wee they’re all the same.

She acts as any woman would—
No wonder I’m dissatisfied;
She’ll never do the things she should;
She only wants all that’s denied.
Ay! now I fall in deep disgrace,
A fool upon love’s bridge am I;
No one knows how that could take place
Unless I dared to climb too high.

All mercy’s gone, all pity lost—
Though at the best I still knew none—
Since she who should yield mercy most
Shows me the least of anyone.
Wrongful it seems, now, in my view,
To see a creature love’s betrayed
Who’d seek no other good but you,
Then let him die without your aid.

Since she, my Lady, shows no care
To earn my thanks, nor pays Love’s rights
Since she’ll not hear my constant prayer
And my love yields her no delights,
I say no more; I silent go;
She gives me death; let death reply.
My Lady won’t embrace me so
I leave, exiled to pain for aye.

Tristan, you’ll hear no more from me:
I leave to wander, none knows where;
Henceforth all joys in love I’ll flee
And all my songs I Now forswear.

From: Kehew, Robert (ed.), Lark in the Morning: The verses of the Troubadours. A Bilingual Edition, 2005, The University of Chicago Press: Chicago and London, pp. 75-77.

Date: 12th century (original in Occitan); 1998 (translation in English)

Long Swells of Weather

Posted: September 8, 2022 in Chat

 After Guido Gozzano 

Long swells of weather
a southern storm
she glowed and smouldered
green light, a guard house,
an open gateway.

Her tanned legs sparkled
the flecks in her eyes
a quartzite wall,
a scudding yacht
the white of her blouse.

And when she spoke
a puddle on the parapet
and when she told me
and the sirocco lifted
moved off

she rode into the sun
cycling, winged.
What she told me, what she said:

Nothing can be more sad
than never to be sad again

White Lily

Posted: September 1, 2022 in John Stammers Page

Laurie Anderson, on Fassbinder’s ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz