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Prayer for Rain

Posted: August 25, 2022 in Chat
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pour Barbara Auzou

Prayer for Rain, by The Cure

Moon Tango

Posted: August 22, 2022 in Chat
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                                    after The Gotan Project

   How can you sleep at night
     How can you sleep at night
When the moon hangs huge above your window?

   How can you bite back the cry
      How can you bite back the cry
The night finds bloody and ragged in your throat?

   I ask you questions, what am I saying
I ask you these questions, what do I say
The night is innocent of all you accuse it.

    Night is the moon’s dark love
Night is hidden by the moon’s love
All it allows us is earthy and stained with tears.

Thomas Traherne,  1636 or 1637 – c. 27 September 1674)

English writer, Anglican cleric. Taken from Centuries of Meditations 1:29

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars.”

“Vous ne jouissez jamais du monde correctement, jusqu’à ce que la mer elle-même coule dans vos veines, jusqu’à ce que vous soyez revêtu des cieux et couronné d’étoiles.”

“Non godi mai del mondo bene, finché il mare stesso non scorre nelle tue vene, finché non sei vestito dei cieli e coronato di stelle”.

“Nunca disfrutas bien del mundo, hasta que el mismo mar corre por tus venas, hasta que te vistes de cielos y te coronas de estrellas”.

From Memoirs of Hadrianby Marguerite Yourcenar, translated by Grace Frick. Penguin, 1951.

‘I have supposed, and in my better moments think so still, that it would be possible… to participate in the existence of everyone; such sympathy would be one of the least revocable kinds of immortality. There have been moments when that comprehension tried to go beyond human experience, passing from the swimmer to the wave. But in such a realm, since there is nothing exact left to guide me, I verge upon the world of dream and metamorphosis.’