My new book on kindle, a poem sequence: The Landscape is a Door

Posted: September 9, 2020 in Chat
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What is it about?
It is an attempt to chart a journey, both inward and along the coast of Wales, north to south.
This was many years ago, but the memories are there, they have grown, developed, deepened.
And so…


A bite of rock eyries the eye,
a sudden rock face reeling the senses

its steep, shallow slopes, tilting
abruptly upwards. A hot sun glinting

from quartz-grained summits, layering
its deep thick blanket of heat

over each thin seam of valley green.

Bare rock, bare sky, a naked sun
eraser mountains chafing blue sky white

only hawks, or buzzards, occasional crows
notate this passing between high rocks,

a rowan tree cradled by boulders,
and a labouring car beetling

the back of this sleeping monster.
I hug an overhang of shade

wading through summer from here to there
in the hot held vacuum of dragon’s breath

the sun’s stopped clock

I’d written this on the journey.
It is only afterwards you begin to see what you saw there, that it was as much a journey into and through oneself. It is also a journey beyond oneself, into the world, where objects rule.
And so…


‘A bite of rock eyries the eye,’ I wrote, and 
‘Eraser mountains chafe blue sky white,’ –
attempting to capture nature in a written note;
immediate impressions, with a high-light.

This was nature’s window display,
but landscape is a door, you leave your shoes there. 
There is more than one means of missing your way,
to never go home. But gain more than lose, there.

On kindle, now.

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