My poem up online

Posted: June 23, 2020 in John Stammers Page

The site is Worktown Words.
Edition Six contains my poem The Slow Tumbling of Clouds…and can be found here:

  1. Daedalus Lex says:

    Nice. It reminds of that long middle section of To The Lighthouse, where Mrs. McNab is beating back the cosmic darkness with scurrying efforts, as Woolf is with words, both knowing (like Sisyphus) how ephemeral the effort but both knowing it’s worth it.

  2. The Lighthouse – that takes me back. Many thanks for yr reading and comments.
    There’s a film, The Lighthouse, I keep meaning to catch. Seen it?
    Best of wishes.

  3. João-Maria says:

    Michael, your links aren’t working, you’re giving us an API address (I think).
    The right link for this composition is:

    But I like the last one more, “When the Morning was Waking over the War”, gosh, that’s a hell of a poem. It’s absurdly good.

  4. Hey, that is very kind, but too much. I have a lot of dull moments where little makes sense.
    Best wishes – keep safe.

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