For those dead and injured in Manchester, May 22nd.

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Chat
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Not to spill unnecessary words all over grief and hurt.

  1. Candia says:

    I agree, but hope to express something necessary in the poem I have just posted. Hope it is relevant and suitably subdued….

    • It’s the ready-responses I’m Humph-ing about. And the considered and weighed that are most valued. You go for it.
      It was young girls were the target, here. Because of course, they should be at home and submissive.
      And at the memorials there was what? 1 woman?
      That’s what greatly annoyed me.

      • Candia says:

        Let me know what you think- it is always difficult to publish a poem quickly as naturally one wants time to let it settle, but in this instance something has to be expressed at the time….

      • I am wary of this ‘something has to be expressed at the time’, I admit.
        The role of the poet, hmm. Is that our subject here? I don’t know what that role is anymore.

      • Candia says:

        Shelley said poets are the legislators of the world… Discuss!
        I think I meant that if one has something to say and with self-judgement one thinks it isn’t utterly crass and self-seeking, then perhaps one should express it at the time when it is most relevant. If it is not, then one should forever hold one’s peace. (Too many ‘ones’!)

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