Posted: November 7, 2016 in Chat


William Shakespeare, Crime Scene Cleaner.
By F J McQueen. Urbane Publications, 2016.

Now published on kindle.Paperback coming soon!

The most entertaining, gloriously funny, crazy, inventive, heart-warming and well-written book I have read in a long, long time.

Highly recommended.

We meet him as a junior doctor, and a whistle-blower on the medical services’ use of divination in medicine. His new career finds strange yet familair crime-ecenes: two dead teens, and a mysterious friar; a Scottish noble wife and husband in a grand house, durrounded by a strange forest…. The crimes begin to t fill his order-book.
Who is the perpetrator?

We blend Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, modern fantasy, and the darkest of dark humour (South Park in the background).

And then what the three oracles in the hospital cupboard said, starts to come true….
What if you could clean so deep you could clean the whole world?
What would that world be?

WARNING: Contains big concept story-line, and huge metaphors.

 See here for more on  F J McQueen:


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