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Saturday 30th May, the Star and Garter, an old Victorian type pub, on Fairfield Street, Manchester hosted the latest NorthWest Zine Fest.
Five to six room dedicated to stalls of zines. The range was wide, from issue based and own story chronicles, to a Feminist discussion of the Harry Potter films and books, to the wonderful Adventures of the Frozen Embryos, an arty, witty, clever and challenging adventure zine. The first of a series we hope.

2015-05-29 10.25.33                               2015-05-29 10.43.12

Prices were modest and well-chosen: no one was ‘selling themselves big’, that is not the zine spirit. Hand-crafted, found images or created images, interactive or not, personal issues, political issues, LGBT discussions and support, out and out wacky – the zine world is wide, in places subversive, in other places support-based.
Many zines have their own blog sites, whether blogspot, or wordpress. Sonorus is a good quality one: sonoruszine.wordpress.com. Many list their email addss and contact points: tumblr, instagram etc. Also highly recommended is The Chapess

The newly opened Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery has just come to the end of its opening exhibition of Cornelia Parker’s works.


I’d written an earlier blog piece on some of Cornelia Parker’s work. Here was the chance to see what I put my words to.
The exploding shed piece, Cold Dark Matter was on display in its own room. Below is the official photograph, with chiaroscuro effect, and my own, with effect edited out (unfortunately lost whilst editing for clarity). Surprisingly the exploded view kept to a square construction; all the pieces suspended from a ceiling frame. This also meant they swirled as you walked past, adding another dimension, or emphasising dimensionality, to the work.

cpchiaro                                           shed1

Inside the shed were all manner of disparate objects, that had been affected to lesser and greater extents by the explosion.
Another room hosted the poppy display. The gallery was known as the War Room, and completely covered in rolls of the red paper used for producing the poppies for Remembrance Day each year.

The Whitworth  Art Gallery Manchester By David Levene 4th and 5th February 2015

2015-05-29 11.34.17

These, of course, were not her only pieces on display here, but time and space limit what I can cover.

Mention must also be made of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation piece, Unmanned Nature. The piece won the Hiroshima Art Prize.

imagesThe exhibit is a whole gallery length depiction on paper of seemingly traditional nature ink wash drawing. The artwork is reflected in a pool of still water the length of the gallery – there is a narrow walkway around the pool. We see here reflected the images on the wall. As the Hiroshima art piece, of course, the context is completely different: one dimension is missing completely, that of the prep-Bomb city of Hiroshima. The impact of this realisation is enormous.

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