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The National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland, UK

The National Glass Centre exhibits work by glass artists worldwide.
Over the years the Centre has built up an impressive list of artists, and exhibitions of work.
The current exhibition is work by Magdalene Odundo.  By demand this exhibition has extended its run until March 2015.

Alongside Magdalene is an exhibition by Czech artist Ondrej Novotney. Ondrej will not only be an exhibitor but work-shopper, and giving demonstrations of glass blowing, and work on further artistic pieces .

The Centre incorporates working areas, exhibition spaces, special display areas, and artists’ talk and lecture spaces. There is also a shop and brasserie, where you can buy books and artefacts and lunch amongst  the exhibits.


Working areas provide regular free demonstrations of different parts of the art of the glass blowing process . Demonstrations last from between fifteen to thirty minutes each, and cover aspects such as Flame Working and Glass Blowing, using the 1000 degree furnace.
This is followed up with the moulding and manipulation of the glass: use of the Glass lathe and Muff Blowing. In this latter Hartley Woods blows glass cylinders or ‘muffs’ which go into the making of sheet glass.


The Centre also participates in off-site exhibitions.NGC2
From January to May 2015 there is a collaboration with the University of Sunderland to host in the Priestman Gallery an on-going thematic  and commissioned display The Decorator and the Thief, that uses ‘… artist-designed wallpaper , sculpture, fabric, writing and film…’ to explores how and where  art, design and craft connect.

The Centre encourages families to participate in craft activities during the half-term school holidays.

National Glass Centre

  1. Lily Lau says:

    Thank you for sharing this, so interesting! 🙂

  2. archecotech says:

    I’ve watched glass blowing in the past, loved it.

  3. Candia says:

    Oh, is Odundo into glass now, or were they exhibiting her pottery?
    I come from the Dixon family who owned Dumbarton glassworks. They had links with the Stourbridge glassmakers and the Birmingham makers. I think they were also into pottery-Dixon, Austin co . Hartley worked for them and they married into the Chance family and into the de Hennezael glassmaking family before that. Pilkingtons took them over. I must go up there sometime….

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