Posted: August 2, 2014 in Chat




He worries about his house:

the cracks along the North wall –

are they surface, or structural?

And the Western wing again

letting rain in; and there’s you thinking

a bit of plaster, and, to stop it sinking,

a stronger connecting wall.

Here comes the rain.



To worry about mould patches, noises;

the shiftings, are they settling, or subsidence?

Has he done right ignoring them? Should he

have kept an eye on the changes added,

stayed in accord with original character


or, as he has done, with accountant, actor:

the needs of room-mates, the trendy, the faddy?

Should he have kept up, not forgotten,

the broken latch on the garden gate? 

Has he left it too late?


When the neighbourhood went for a cheap deal

reroofing en bloc, and paying by credit,

some by remortgaging, there were groups stayed

with the old payment: cash-on-demand. In time

all fell when –  was it Hurricane SubPrime? –

blew in from the wet South West.

He worries about his house.


This is not unique to his neighbourhood,

and he is surprised

by Indian, Caribbean, Iranian, Rumanian, that is

by the fellowship that chat creates:


from horror stories, a community;

from wider perspective, the neutral ground

of worrying about our houses.


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