Posted: April 27, 2014 in Chat
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Ok, so after the 4 Alchemy pieces, here is the pull-back-and-reveal: the complete piece. Alchemy is in the change all together produce as an overall effect.




The huge slab feet of Waterloo Bridge, and the Shard;

how office blocks shoulder together, and shine

in a river wind that burnishes blood, red.

In Manchester the banjo man sieves

daylight out into his black canyon of a box –

the city dips night-up to strange perspectives.

And Edinburgh’s Protestant tenements;

old preachers in black proclaim, no microphone:

live artefacts amongst the Festival tents.



A sister-kin of floods; and garden ponds.

The grim rain overstrict with the forced authority

of culverts, drowns men in reservoirs, the fronds

of unrealised dreams. How the Atlantic

is a sapping, smothering body, the busy

rounded rush and squall of cold North Sea,

are gathering their resources; continual; frantic.



The tinder-box of city streets; and a light:

how squads rush, restrain, and kettle; so nothing stands.

How fire, electrics, demand be made stronger, bright

and so feed, stand and be judged; their light

incinerates value, connection as they plunder, despoil.

And how you huddle over the grate, serve it

with bended knee and back, take out its night-soil,

it’s used-up corpses.



Feel the wind tug in your clothes, and the fall

urging: buy me, need me, come with me.

Loss of control, as the product placement, pratfall,

of the accessorized soul… it’s how abatement –

as grip fails and fingers clutch – is a panicked stillness

before shop window, clothes store… bank statement.

How, like sleight of hand, your bankcards rise

to the top, and below them, nothing…. How it’s all lies.



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