Jane Bussman’s ‘The Worst Date Ever’

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Chat

Jane Bussman’s book is a wow. As a Celebrity journo she waded through the tac of rootless wealth. As a stand-up comedian she hits the nail well and firmly on the head. Her humour humanises tough and difficult subject-matter.

Her revelations of African-Western exploitation is a real antidote to our half-hearted and muddled strategies and double-think with aid programmes.

She cites the African warlords who have found it lucrative to build up their cadres of child soldiers, all with deliberate maiming and injuries – because the West pay well, in the foggy belief they are helping.

That warlord the West’s Intelligence Services couldn’t find, she found easily: he was in the next village. How did she know? She asked the villagers, then went to have a look. A white American woman. But she was talking to people as people, not victims, or the Poor.

The West pours money in – and does not really monitor how it is used. As we have seen recently with Comic Relief funding, some has gone into shares with Armaments suppliers.

Money=Aid. We pay-out, and don’t get involved: out of sight- out of mind etc etc etc

So what are the options? Making huge cuts in the aid fund to pay for infra-structures on the ground?

China went in – and built roads. They were enormous help, long-term and practical.

On the very few occasions the supposedly Communist States have got it right they have got it very right, because they dealt in realities. There is no sentimentalizing of the poor, or Third Worldism.

The West is mired in its money-culture: wealth is the cure-all. Win the Lottery and it will solve Everything. Everyone who doesn’t or isn’t, is Poor, is to be pitied, in effect, is beyond the Pale.

Get that top job, and the world is yours. Pay, pay, pay your way to happiness. The self’s needs are what the world is all about. Xmas all about Getting presents, more importantly The present. Advertising schmooze and brainless depictions of our social life superimpose and imprint over our real personalities.

Jane Bussman has lived in Africa for the last 10 years . It is, she says, a vibrant and positive place. It’s economic growth has been phenomenal. What it is NOT, she says, is all victims, poverty, war and maimed children, lands devastated by Aids. Just as Chicago is not a Mafia fiefdom, or New York pavements saturated in random-murder blood or groaning under super-wealth, London full of Lords and Ladies.

Get rid of the caricatures, stereotypes – and see the people, be the people, be who we are.

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