The Happy Moment – new e-book

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Chat, John Stammers Page
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I am publishing The Happy Moment – An Appreciation of the Poetry of John Stammers as an e-book.

I have gathered all the John Stammers blogs back together and re-constructed them into book form.

Why, when they are freely available as blogs?
Because not only is the sum greater than the parts but the whole direction, the construction of the arguments, and yes the metanarrative of the book, are only evident in this the original form of the writing.
Without these the book would be just disjointed jottings.
That suits the format of the blog page. But it is not how the text has been constructed.

I am once more using Lulu to publish.
Lulu is relatively straightforward as a publishing tool, and you can get your ISBN for free.. The downloadable directions are clear and easy to follow. The whole procedure is relatively painless.

I wrote that Lulu is relatively straight-forward –
draw-backs are that pamphlet and book form is only for 60 pages and over. All else has to be ebook. Also book covers; it is possible to provide your own – I am not altogether sure how easy it is to upload. the most difficult part I have found is obtaining permission to use images. Some organisations work on a looong time line. Waiting for response can undermine your confidence and patience. The danger then is to plump for something that’s a not what you want but is better than nothing.
You cannot use an all-capital title, or name.

Lulu book covers tend to be one colour per book with an abstract swirl. I am not sure if variations on this basic design are available. It may be that for a fee other more complex/interesting designs are available.
Book cover design is an art in itself: too complex and you loose the interest of the browsing reader, too colourful and you mis-sell serious content.

Uploading a text is easy, and set up is painless. Once the process has been gone through: providing genre and key words, brief description, and Copy Write details then it can take up to 2 weeks for the book to be processed, that is for the e-publisher to trawl the ms, headings and chapter headings to make sure the content is processed correctly.
Once the text is uploaded the house formatter automatically provides a tagged Contents page. A copy of all this is available for review or re-editing.
In case of formatting errors a reformatted text is simply uploaded and the whole process gone through again. The previous attempt can simply be deleted from your site.

So in about 2 week’s time it should be up – and what is more – AVAILABLE!


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