Rabbi Neumann’s Hesitation

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Chat
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That morning the elder of the synagogue

turned, appalled from the night’s work

a line of swastikas in red

along the side wall.


Already the children were collecting for tuition.

Outside the window, as he phoned over

he heard laughter. Laughter?

And the bump, bump of a football.


Why does this day differ? At the door he observed them

at ease in the light: one a footballer,

one who asked him, “What are these marks, Rabbi?”

the other ones, happy in the sun.


And he hesitated. Remember the slavery in Egypt,

the history of torment…. But on the red brick

bright sun was bleaching the paint out. Next year,

– is it possible – a year of the innocent?


  1. I want to thank all who have liked this posting – here’s to you! And… Thank You!

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