Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Chat
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Ok, I thought. let’s see what all the fuss is about.

And, do you know, I am really enjoying it. It’s such a warmly written book; the main character is so (goofy?) likeable and ordinary. There are no melodramatics.

And the setting is so unusual, too. This is Twin Peaks country, a few miles from the Canadian Border; Twin Peaks country but without David Lynch on a sugar-jag.

And then the whole story goes comic-book.
A kind of dual-weighted storyline, which I am not sure fits too well.
Bella’s story works best within the school/home context because they prevent the over-the-top emphasis on personal emotions, which is what we teeter into just as the Cullens’ story kicks in.

Don’t think I could read another.

Loved the first half… the second: I think the problem is – the first half Bella is admirably objective, sassy to an extent, independent – the second part she throws all that away, becomes emotionally grasping, needy, she even almost Begs ‘E’ to stay with her; all the warning bells ring. She tries to trade it all in for a v dubious future ie dead. At 17.

The first person narrative makes us cross the line in order to make the last part work: we are required to empathise with a crazily desperate situation that we would have run away from, because we are given no more options. And no, it’s not really a ‘life sucks’ thing, even the ‘a vampire’s life sucks’ thing doesn’t really cover it; it’s the lack of options of kids alone in kid-focused world, who just have no idea there is a bigger picture, never mind can’t see it.

Did see the dvd, and it’s not very impact-full, is it? The setting makes it.
Is it me or does anyone else think Kristen Stewart, (Bella) who was v good, looks rather like Emma Watson (Hermione Grainger – esp in Half Blood Prince)? No, ok; on second thoughts, you’re right.

And what happened to the ‘sparkly skin’ effect? Kind of ‘no show’?
You can now buy a shimmery effect body butter. How cool’s that!

(taken from my Goodreads review)

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