Riots in London

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Chat
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But then, hey, doesn’t that sound… familiar?

Didn’t Dickens write ‘Barnaby Rudge’ about riots in London?

Didn’t William Blake, then even earlier, Ben Jonson, Shakespeare write about the volatile London mobs?

Weren’t the Apprentice Boys regularly getting blind drunk, and rioting?

Didn’t the Medieval Guilds regularly riot, burn and argue?

And the answer to all these is Yes.

Normally I am the first to say: whoa there! You cannot add all these wholly different events together to make a sum of convenience!

There is something about the London urban experience, though, that marks it out as … what can you say: ‘peculiar’?

Thinking about it: since the Poll Tax riots of 1981, to now , must have been one of the quietest periods in London for many, many decades.

A serious injustice, however, to forget the G8 Summit protests of 2010, which introduced the term ‘kettling’ into the melee of jargon and dubious practices.

So then let us look at Crowd Psychology
Policing Techniques
Economic forecasts
Social expectation levels

let us look at the constant barrage of lifestyle adverts wherever we look or read, and at the levels of society these are aimed at and who have not got a chance in hell of ever, ever, acceding to that social requirement – the sign (label) that says ‘You Are Here!’

Let us look at the (what was the last estimate?) 14 years of crap sporadic jobs ahead of us; and the constant hassling and harassing and labelling by Benefit staff (been there: see it every day), newspapers, organs of the media.

Rosy, isn’t it?

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